Hirox Digital Microscope

Digital Microscope
3D Rotary Head
360 Degrees Rotational Inspection
45 Degree Viewing Angle
Thorough observation of moving images, it helps understand shapes
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Diffuse Lighting
Create Soft Illumination
Evenly Distributed Light on the Object
Reduce Strong Reflections
3D Viewer
View Original Color, Pseudo, or as a Wireframe
Maximizing the Amount of Information
3D Inspections from any Computer
Low Range High Performance Zoom 20x to 160X
Mid Range Rotary Zoom 50x to 400X
High Performance Macro Zoom 0x to 50x
  • Edge Enhancement Function
  • Hue and Chroma Correction
  • Point Focus
  • Anti-Vibration
  • 3D/HDR/Anti-Halation Preview Function
  • Fully motorized stand with variable angle lens mount
  • Extensive imaging to be performed with minimal specimen repositioning
  • Lenses can be detached to be handheld or tripod mounted to facilitate examination of large items
  • 0x – 50x Macro Zoom
  • 50x – 400x High Resolution Zoom Lens with Optical 3D Rotation
  • Optical 3D Rotation allows images and video to be captured 360° around a feature without disrupting the specimen
  • 10x Co-Axial Zoom
  • 140 – 1400x Objective
  • 2D Measurement
    • Distance, Angle, Radius, Diameter Length, Area, and Surface
    • Auto-Count Particles, Auto-Area, Auto-Edge Detection
    • Detect Particle Size and Ratio
    • CSV Output (Measurement Result)
  • 3D Measurement
    • Accurate Scanning with 0.05 μm/Pulse Precision and 30 mm of Automated Travel
    • Profile Graph
    • Height, Length, Angle and Radius
    • Profile Line Roughness, Volume, Point Height Measurement
    • Image Map CSV Output
  • 24 Frame / Second CCD Camera
  • Realtime 3D Tiling
  • Still Image Capture
  • Time Lapse/Movie Record
  • 3D Modeling