UAS Applications

Infrastructure Inspection



Electricity networks: high and medium voltage networks

Fuels: oil and gas pipelines

Thermal plants and photovoltaic solar, wind, dams, ...

Land: Streets and highways, bridges, railway lines ...

Maritime: Port infrastructure and channels

Networks of mobile antennas

Buildings, skyscrapers, work ...

Preservation of historical and cultural heritage

Accident Scene Preservation



Regardless of which type of fuel caused an explosion, the damage and blast pattern are vital to the investigation.  UAS aerial imagery becomes a valuable tool for investigators while preserving the data.

  • Aviation- accident scenes, debris fields, airframe, airport damage
  • Rail- accident scenes, debris fields, tunnels, bridges, stations, yards, switch gear
  • Marine- accident site, debris fields, hull, holds, main deck
  • Automobile and transport vehicle- accident site, intersection, skid markings, debris

Weather it is a small fire or a catastrophic blaze, UAS Aerial imagery provides meaningful data to assist in determining the cause and origin.

Power and Gas Utilities infrastructure includes major and complex equipment.  When there is a failure of such infrastructure, UAS aerial imagery and 3D data mapping becomes a key tool in solving the matter.

Aerial Photography and Videography


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