We have pioneered the use of visual graphics, animation and interactive tutorials over the past 4 decades; our dedication to research and develop solutions for our clients has not stopped.  With hundreds of hours test flying and designing UAS components to fulfill our clients' various needs we are set to bring UAS technology to the industries and apply our Best Practice solutions.

Jeremy Reynolds
Chief Operations Officer

Jeremy leads RTI's UAS program and is our in-house expert of all things UAS.

RTI has been leading the way in developing and utilizing visual data since 1975 including the first animation admitted for use in a trial to RC helicopters rigged with SLR cameras. In keeping with the pioneering spirit, RTI began researching and testing UAS airframes, sensors, flight controllers and software in 2010. A Strategic Counsel was formed in 2012 utilizing RTIs vast aviation consultants to assist in the development of the program.  In 2013 RTI began providing services to Insurance Claims Adjusters, Utility Companies and Local Municipalities. RTI provides UAS flights from strategically located sites across the country. Our UAS operators meet all FAA requirements, including current pilot’s certificate, and have extensive training and advanced safety knowledge. Our "Go Team" provides rapid UAS deployment, efficient turnaround time, and excellent customer service.


RTI's Global UAS Coverage