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We see the results when training is not properly implemented. RTI’s established international consultancy offers independent investigations of large and small aircraft accidents and incidents, safety analysis, and bespoke safety management systems. RTI’s team of aviation experts possess a broad range of experience and capabilities, including the disciplines of field mishap investigation, DFDR/CVR download and analysis, crew resource
management, flight operations, human factors, maintenance, analysis of aircraft system malfunctions, fire and explosions, laboratory materials analysis, flight simulation, and virtual wind tunnel computations.

RTI’s casualty investigation services deliver a unique opportunity to apply lessons learned into the cycle of developing our aviation operations training courses.


  • Accident site Documentation
  • Aeronautics
  • Aerospace Medicine
  • Airline Start-up Consulting
  • Air Traffic Control
  • Avionics
  • Computer Modelling
  • CRM Training
  • DFDR/CVR Analysis
  • Electrical Systems
  • Fires and Explosions
  • Flight Data Monitoring and Analysis
  • Flight Operations
  • Flight Simulators and Training
  • Human Factors/Training
  • IOSA Auditing
  • IS-BAO Auditing
  • Laboratory Analysis of Material Failures
  • Pilots/Flight Engineers
  • Safety Management System Training


  • Air Transport Aircraft
  • Business Aircraft
  • Cargo Aircraft
  • Experimental Aircraft
  • General Aviation Aircraft
  • Helicopters
  • Hot Air and Gas Balloons
  • Military Aircraft
  • Spacecraft
  • UASs / RPAS / Drone

Our internationally known aviation experts are drawn from industry, academia and government.  Our experts have investigated accidents, losses, and technical issues in a variety of aviation matters for manufacturers, operators, and government authorities and have served as expert witnesses for law firms and insurance companies.

RTI has a long history conducting independent investigations to assist manufacturers and airlines resolve safety issues arising from aircraft accidents and incidents. This includes core competencies and capabilities to investigate, research, and report on both small and catastrophic accidents; analyze material failures; capture forensic imagery; and produce computer animations of flight paths and tutorial visualisations of key technical issues.

Structured to respond quickly to events, RTI maintains a staff much like that of an official governmental investigatory branch or board that enables a managed team approach when required. In fact, the RTI aviation team includes former members of state accident investigation offices and heads of airline and aircraft manufacturing safety departments.

RTI is also the producer of the internationally acclaimed AViCON conferences, a series of aviation disaster management and resolution educational programs.