Aviation Services

RTI has a long history conducting independent investigations to assist manufacturers and airlines to resolve safety issues arising from aircraft accidents and incidents. This includes core competencies and capabilities to investigate, research, and report on both small and catastrophic accidents; analyze material failures; capture forensic imagery; produce computer animations of flight paths and tutorial visualisations of key technical issues.

Structured to respond quickly to events, RTI maintains a staff much like that of an official governmental investigatory branch or board that enables a managed team approach when required. In fact, the RTI aviation team includes former members of state accident investigation offices and heads of airline and aircraft manufacturing safety departments.

RTI’s experts have investigated accidents, losses, and technical issues in a variety of aviation matters for manufacturers, operators, and government authorities. They have also served as expert witnesses for law firms and insurance companies.

Aviation Service Request

RTI's Aviation Team is standing by to assist your every need. RTI's Proactive and Reactive solutions are responsive, professional, objective and cost effective.

Casualty Investigation

International consultancy with a wide range of high-value capabilities for independent investigation

Managed Services

Interim executives have extensive experience managing all Aviation, Maritime and Utility constituencies and can effectively build consensus on a plan of action.

Safety Management Services

A viable strategy for organizations to not only preserve value within their businesses, but to also add value.

Safety Training

RTI specialises in customizing course content for each client's needs.