Expert Spotlight 9/28/2017

Expert Spotlight 9/28/2017

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Airport Runway Engineer

RTI Expert 011253


RTI Expert 011253 is internationally-known on the subject of runway friction measurement and analysis. Included in his 43 year NASA career, he served as NASA’s Program Manager of Joint NASA/Transport Canada/FAA Winter Runway Friction Measurement Program aimed at harmonizing ground vehicle friction measurements under adverse weather conditions and identifying most acceptable and reliable relationships to aircraft stopping performance under similar runway conditions.

Our Expert directed hundreds of aircraft braking performance test runs on different contaminated runways and conducted thousands of tire/pavement braking, steering, and free rolling test runs at NASA Langley’s Aircraft Landing Dynamics Facility.
While at NASA he supported aircraft accident investigations for National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), U. S. Navy and Air Force, NASA, Portuguese Investigation Authority, Swiss Federal Aircraft Accident Investigation Bureau and the Canadian Aviation Safety Board.  He has consulted on over 40 aircraft accidents and several highway vehicle skidding accidents where loss of tire friction was a suspected contributing cause.

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