Litigating the Foreign Airline Crash

Litigating the Foreign Airline Crash

RTI is pleased to announce that Steve Hull, RTI’s Global Director of Aviation, is speaking at The Chicago Bar Association Aviation Seminar, (CBA),  on Thursday, April 23, 2015, at 12:00 PM Central Time.  The seminar, titled “Litigating the Foreign Airline Crash” addresses the legal and practical issues that arise with foreign aviation accidents.

Airline accidents that occur halfway around the world are often litigated in our backyard. Courts and lawyers handling these lawsuits must confront a variety of thorny legal issues. Is the forum appropriate? Which nation’s laws should apply? Do international treaties have any effect? Is there insurance coverage? Which professional responsibility concerns are implicated? And ultimately, given all the surrounding circumstances, who is liable?

Attendees at the CBA Aviation Law Seminar will learn from practitioners, in-house counsel, the bench, and an airline accident investigator on these topics and more. Attorneys whose practice relates to aviation law, complex procedural issues, or litigating international disputes should attend.


  • Airline Accident Investigation
  • Procedure, including Venue, Forum, Choice of Law
  • Montreal Convention
  • Insurance, Indemnity, Warranties, Aircraft Leases, and other Contractual Issues
  • Ethical Considerations

Illinois lawyers can receive up to 2 Mandatory CLE credits for attending  the seminar, which will take place at The Chicago Bar Association, 321 South Plymouth Court, Chicago.

To register, go to The Chicago Bar Association Website.