RTI Expert Spotlight, July 6

RTI Expert Spotlight, July 6

Are you in need of an Expert?  We personally select top qualified Experts who excel in varying disciplines including fire and explosion, aviation, construction, marine, rail, utilities, and more.  We will highlight four of these Professionals bimonthly; however, all of our Experts can be found in the RTI Expert Directory.  For additional information on any Expert, please contact us.

Metallurgist and Chemical Engineer
RTI Expert No: 011111

RTI Expert 011111 is a Metallurgist and Chemical Engineer specializing in refining, chemical processes and manufacturing technology; combustion, explosions and high-intensity heat sources (flame areas and electron and laser beams); welding, casting and shaping of metals; and fracture, fatigue, and corrosion of engineering materials.

Air Traffic Control Specialist
RTI Expert No: 011118

RTI Expert 011118 is a senior Air Traffic Control Specialist and Air Safety Investigator with over forty-five years of experience in the air traffic control environment.  His experience ranges from being a hands-on air traffic controller; developing, authoring, and training others in use of ATC procedures to serving as an expert and principal advisor.

Telecommunications Risk Specialist
RTI Expert No: 011197

RTI Expert 011197 is a Senior Risk Specialist with over 35 years’ experience in the telecommunications field, twelve of which have involved the recovery of costs incurred as a result of third party damages. Her duties have included investigating damages to fiber cables, copper cables, service wires, poles, conduits, pedestals, optical equipment, cabinets, buildings, and motor vehicles; and reviewing independent damage investigations and police reports to identify at-fault party.

Fire Protection Engineer
RTI Expert No: 011194

RTI Expert 011194 is a highly qualified fire protection engineer with extensive experience in fire safety and accident investigation.  He has participated in multiple studies and prepared classified reports on the effects of thermal radiation from nuclear weapons on military aircraft, military facilities, and civil defense facilities.  This expert is well published in the fields of fire science applications, fire safety and standards, explosions, and thermal damage.