RTI Expert Spotlight, March 29

RTI Expert Spotlight, March 29

Air Traffic Control and Radar
RTI Expert No: 11120

RTI Expert 11120 is an Aviation Traffic Control and Radar Consultant with over thirty-five years of experience specializing in domestic and international air traffic standards and procedures with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).  This expert was appointed by the Secretary of Transportation to develop and lead an independent safety oversight organization to oversee the United States air traffic control system.

Duties include, but are not limited to, overseeing daily air traffic control operations, audits of field facilities and employee performance, and ensuring safety through reviews of national procedures and programs.  Additionally, Expert 11120 was responsible for designing and building an emergency operations center to house the FAA and Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

This expert has also been responsible for investigating aircraft accidents and supporting the Department of Justice in litigation against the federal government.  Additionally, he has experience with media briefings and testimonies before Congress on air traffic matters relating to major accidents.

RTI Expert No: 11128

RTI Expert 11128 is a Licensed Architect with over twenty-five years of experience.  He is a detail oriented production and construction administration architect with a solid understanding of the construction process and the technical aspect of building assembly. His lengthy career has included providing expert testimony in construction practice legal proceeding, lectures on construction document development, and forensic building investigations.

This consultant has provided architectural design services for nationally recognized organizations including hospitals, hotels, supermarkets, law and lobbying firms, automobile repair centers, and a vaccination production facility. Notable projects include a $1.7 million dollar fire restoration and expansion of a local restaurant, and providing architectural services for the relocation of an entire science and laboratory campus involving 240,000 square foot renovation, corporate reorganization design and construction administration.

In all, this expert has been integrally involved in over 5 million square feet of interior office and retail tenant design, construction and renovation.

Marine Engineering
RTI Expert No: 11213

RTI Expert 11213 is a Marine Engineer with more than 30 years of experience in Maritime and Environmental consulting.  His areas of expertise include machinery such as boilers, steam turbines, diesel engines, hydraulics, pneumatics, refrigeration, desalinization units, and centrifugal purification/separation units.  He is an expert in environmental compliance equipment including ballast water treatment systems, oil content meters and discharge monitoring equipment, IMO approved incinerators, marine sanitary devices, and NOX and SOX emissions control systems.  Other areas of knowledge include piping systems, liquid cargo, power automation and control systems, electrical troubleshooter, and carpentry.

Expert 11213 has a current USCG License, Chief Engineer – Steam & Motor & Gas Turbine, Unlimited Horsepower, he is a Certified Stick, TIG, and MIG Welder, a Journeyman Level Machinist, and he is a ISO 9001 & 14001 Systems Certified Lead Auditor (RAB/QSA).

Electrical Engineering
RTI Expert No: 11223

RTI Expert 11223 is a licensed Electrical Engineer with over thirty years of experience in electrical and electronic engineering investigations, including all aspects of the design, fabrication, production, and operation, patent infringement analysis, reverse engineering, product tear-downs and failure analysis of electrical and electronic devices and products as well as computer systems, hardware and software. 

He has extensive experience in consulting and forensic engineering services regarding fire origin and cause  investigations, lightning investigations, telecommunication/data network engineering, industrial automation and control products/applications and electrical product testing and compliance (UL, CE and FCC) in the design phase, and in post-design product failure analysis, including power and signal line surge analysis.

He has served as an expert witness and forensic engineer on projects that have focused on fire hazards, and others that have dealt with shock and operator safety. This expert also is a  Certified Fire and Explosion Investigator (CFEI) and a Certified Power Quality Professional (CPQ).