Litigating the Foreign Airline Crash

RTI is pleased to announce that Steve Hull, RTI’s Global Director of Aviation, is speaking at The Chicago Bar Association Aviation Seminar, (CBA),  on Thursday, April 23, 2015, at 12:00 PM Central Time.  The seminar, titled “Litigating the Foreign Airline Crash” addresses the legal and practical issues that arise with foreign aviation accidents.

It’s in the Bank: Storing Energy

From smart phones and hybrid cars to sophisticated energy storage systems and airplanes, batteries and the combustion risks that accompany them, are now commonplace.  The sources of the impetus are clear.  As a society, we grow more reliant upon electronics, and the electricity that powers them, each day.  Simultaneously, we crave energy so

Irwin Mitchell Case, Trinidad & Tobago, 2009

The RTI small maritime expert for small boats and conditions in Trinidad and Tobago, together with our meteorological expert, found that “the conditions that occurred on the day in question, were conditions that will occur in the bay from time to time and that anyone familiar with the bay would have been aware of and would have taken into consideration an