Intellectual Property: Collapsible Cargo Container

Project Info

RTI's client had invented and set up production of a cargo container that could collapse into a pallet-sized load for storage, or could be erected within minutes into a cargo container with sub-sections, for more effective packing of military cargo.  The construction of the container was comprised of a galvanized steel frame and screen with a grated base that could be erected without the use of screws or bolts.  Coincidentally, a competing product appeared on the market just as the client was engaged in negotiations with U.S. Department of Defense representatives for the acquisition of a number of these containers.  The competing device appeared to have many similar attributes that caused RTI's client to suspect that their patent for the container had been infringed.



RTI reviewed exemplars of the market device, the alleged infringing device, and the patent.  Working closely with the client's legal team, RTI's experts were able to identify several claim infringements, as well as identify component connections that were unique in design in the patent, and were duplicated in the alleged infringement device.  RTI was also able to show that design features in the alleged device were not commonly found, and that their presence constituted deliberate duplication from the patent.  The client was able to obtain a cease and desist order, and eventually went on to issue the competitor a license to produce the product for manufacture and sale.


  • Forensic Investigation
  • Intellectual Property
  • Structural Engineering