Cyber Claims

We Specialize In Providing Law Firms, Litigators and Claims Adjustors With Quality Cyber, Internet and Computer Forensic Expertise!

Cyber, Internet & Computer Forensics Expert Witness


Cyber crime is on the increase and many of today’s biggest criminal and civil cases involve computer technology.  The difference between a favorable or unfavorable ruling often comes down to how effective technical evidence can be described to a judge and / or jury in terms they can relate to.

Our staff consists of lead investigators, computer forensics, internet forensics and cyber security experts and we have a solid foundation of IT technical knowledge and computer security expertise needed to help clients navigate today’s highly technical landscape.

Expert Testimony

Expert testimony is a very powerful source of evidence in court. Expert testimony can report on the computer forensic facts of a case and are essential in supporting your side in litigation. RTI's team of experts can serve as your consulting experts and/or testifying experts. Areas of expertise include: computer forensics, data recovery, OSINT Open Source Intelligence, smart phones, security policies, computer intrusion detection, wireless network security, website security, RTI is available for case strategy, forensic investigations, consulting, testifying in a deposition, and testifying in court. At RTI, we know how to deliver the answers you need to win your case.

Expert Witness and Investigative Areas of Expertise

  • Computer Forensics of Hard Drives for active, archived, deleted and hidden files
  • Forensic Analysis of Live Memory and Archived RAM
  • Intrusion and Hacking Forensics to prove or disprove a device was compromised
  • Malware Identification and Decryption
  • Forensic Analysis of Android, Iphone & Blackberry Devices
  • Tracing of Emails and Electronic Information
  • Identification of Anonymous Websites, Emails, Text Messages, Phone Calls
  • Internet Forensics, SEO, Linking Strategies
  • Cost Damage Estimates of Internet Exposure
  • International and Domestic Identification of Trademark, Copyright Infringements
  • IP Identification & Tracking to its origin
  • Lawful Intelligence and Computer Packet Captures of Internet, Email and Social Media Traffic

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