Evidence Collection
Evidence Transport
Evidence Documentation
Climate Control Storage
Non - Climate Control Storage


  • On location to assist in the excavation of debris to search for evidence
  • On location to secure, package, and take custody of the evidence
  • Follow industry standards to prevent spoliation
  • Transport the evidence back to our facility or to another facility of your choice
RTI Facility
  • Proper storage and maintenance of your evidence and environment
  • Properly equipped to host joint inspections of any size
  • Laboratory testing, Electrical, Mechanical, Fire, Explosion, Lithium Batteries, Drop test and much more...
  • Non Standard testing and Rigging
Chain of Custody Process
  • Evidence Collection and Custody APP
  • Documenting evidence at every step
  • All relinquishing parties sign digitally on site
  • All parties receive Chain of Custody document instantaneously to their email before the RTI team departs
Transport service
  • Tandem axle flatbed trailer
  • Enclosed box trailer
  • 8' bed Pickup Truck
  • Enclosed van
  • Moving truck with tailgate