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Forensic Science Consultant

He has over 40 years experience in Forensics Science, much of it obtained in Crown Service. For some years he was a member of the Technical Sub-committee of the drugs Advisory Council, and Chairman of the Home Office Inter-laboratory Advisory Committee on Drugs and Toxicology.
He has appeared in Court in hundreds of cases, and is willing to work across the country and worldwide.

Areas of Work:

 General forensic Science.,
 Controlled Drugs,
 Serious Crime
 Arson


 Bachelor of Science,
 Chartered Chemist,
 Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry
 Member of the Expert Witness Institute.

Previous Employment:

 Government Chemist to the government of Tanzania
 Deputy Director, Home Office Research Establishment
 Director, Home Office forensic Science Laboratory, Aldermaston
 Director, Home Office Forensics Science Laboratory, Chorley

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