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Biomechanical consultant specializing in injury mechanics and causation relating to impacts.  His expertise is in orthopaedic and industrial biomechanics. Specific expertise in analyzing injuries related to high and low speed motor vehicle impacts, occupational injuries, lifting, pushing, and pulling injury, slip-trip-fall injury, and injuries related to sports and sports equipment. 

Has also provided biomechanical consultation in criminal courts on matters pertaining to murder, manslaughter, child & elder abuse, assault, police brutality and traumatic brain injury. Additional expertise is in research methods and statistical evaluation.  Has provided expert testimony in courts of law.


Academic Background

  • Ph.D., Old Dominion University, Norfolk, Virginia, 1987 research emphasis in Biomechanics
  • MS Education, Old Dominion University, 1983, Research Emphasis in Neuromuscular Biomechanics
  • BS Health and Physical Education, Emphasis in Physical & Kinesiotherapy, Old Dominion University, 1976


Professional Experiences

  • President & Principal Biomechanist, private company , 2001 – present
  • Principal Biomechanist, SEA, LTD, Millersville, Maryland, 1997 – present
  • Senior Biomechanist, FTI Corporation, Annapolis, Maryland, 1995 – 1997
  • Research Associate Professor of Orthopedics, Division of Orthopedics, Department of Surgery, Eastern Virginia Medical School, Norfolk, Virginia 1990 – present
  • Principal Biomechanist, Bon Secours Mary Immaculate Hospital, Department of Occupational Medicine, Newport News, Virginia 1998 – 2001
  • Corporate Member, Virginia Modeling, Analysis & Simulation Center (VMACS), Old Dominion University, College of Engineering & Technology, Norfolk, Virginia 2000 – 2005
  • Elected Member, VMASC Advisory Board, Old Dominion University, College of Engineering & Technology, Norfolk, Virginia 2000 – 2004
  • Tenured Full Professor of Biomechanics and Director of Sports Therapy and Industrial Medicine, Norfolk State University, Norfolk, Virginia, 1983 – 1999
  • Adjunct Professor, Darden Graduate College, Old Dominion University, Virginia, 1986 – 1996
  • Director of Clinical Training, Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, Veterans Administration Medical Center, Hampton, Virginia 1977 – 1983
  • Kinesiotherapist, Veterans Administration Medical Center, Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, Fayetteville, North Carolina, 1976 – 1977


  • Professional Collegiate Certification, Virginia State Board of Education
  • Board Certification, American Kinesiotherapy Association
  • Board Certification, National Board of Physical Therapy Examiners
  • Board Certification, National Athletic Trainers Association
  • Commonwealth of Virginia, Department of Health Professions, Certified Rehabilitation Provider, Certification No. 0715001801
  • Commonwealth of Virginia, Department of Health Profession, Board of Medicine, Certified Athletic Trainer, Certification No. 0126000092


Professional Honors

  • Special Contribution Award for the Development of a Muscle Relaxation Therapy Clinic, Veterans Administration Medical Center, Hampton, Virginia, 1982
  • Special Commendation Awards from the Veterans Administration Medical Center’s Departments of Psychology and Rehabilitation Medicine, Hampton, Virginia, 1983
  • Presidential Citations, American Kinesiotherapy Association, Inc. 1984 – 1987, 1989 – 1991
  • Fellow, American Kinesiotherapy Association, Inc., 1986
  • Roy E. Woods Prize for Teaching, Norfolk State University, Norfolk, Virginia -1989
  • Guest Reviewer: Journal of Athletic Training, 1989 – present
  • Associate Editor: Clinical Kinesiology, 1989 – present
  • Guest Reviewer: Human Factors, The Journal of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society, 1995 – present
  • Mid-Atlantic National Athletic Trainers Association Research Grant Award Winner, 1991

Professional Associations and Activities

  • Member, American Society of Biomechanics
  • Member, Association for Advancement of Automotive Medicine
  • Member, Society of Automotive Engineers
  • Member, American College of Sports Medicine
  • Fellow, American Kinesiotherapy Association
  • Member, National Athletic Trainers Association
  • ACSM: Forensic Biomechanics Colloquium, Indiana, 1994
  • Society of Automotive Engineers Certificate: Injury, Anatomy, Biomechanics and Federal Regulations, Michigan, 1996
  • Society of Automotive Engineers Certificate: Low Speed Collision TOPTEC, Vancouver, BC, Canada 1996
  • IRCOBI/IEI:  Injury Mechanisms, Biomechanics, and Vehicle Crashworthiness, Dublin, Ireland, 1996
  • IRCOBI:  The Biomechanics of Impact, Dublin, Ireland, 1996
  • Medical College of Virginia, Sports Medicine for the Primary Care Physician, Williamsburg, Virginia, 1999
  • AAAM: The Biomechanics of Impact and Occupant Protection: Understanding the Limits of Human Tolerance, Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, 1999
  • Forensic Techniques for the 21st Century: Lloyd’s of London, London, England: Presentation, Forensic Biomechanics: Understanding the Nature of Injury, October 16-17, 2000
  • American College of Sports Medicine, 52nd Annual Meeting, June 1-4, 2005, Nashville, Tennessee
  • Life After Injury:  Medicine and the Law: Virginia Consortium of Rehabilitation Associations: Presentation, Concepts in Rehabilitation Engineering, October 14 & 15, 2005, Richmond, Virginia
  • 11th Annual Sports Medicine For The Primary Care Provider Conference, December 2-4, 2005, Williamsburg, Virginia
  • 12th Annual Sports Medicine for the Primary Care Provider Conference, December 1-3, 2006, Williamsburg, Virginia
  • 13th Annual Sports Medicine for the Primary Care Provider Conference, November 29 – December 2, 2007, Williamsburg, Virginia
  • Crash teams 2009Annual Conference, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico: Presentation:  ML Woodhouse, SY Bawab:  The State of Art in Biomechanical Engineering, March 23-27, 2009
  • 15th Annual Sports Medicine Update in Primary Care, December 4-6, 2009, Williamsburg, Virginia
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