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RTI's Expert Witness Technical Advisory services attorneys, corporate general counsels, product manufacturers, and insurers, and our work has resulted in effective, knowledgeable, and impartial contributions to plaintiffs and defendants in hundreds of cases.  We work with our clients to thoroughly understand all aspects of their matter so that we can assign our most appropriate expert witness resources for case presentations, depositions, and testimonies.

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Litigation Support . . .
Forensic Physchology...

Forensic accountant involved with forensic and litigation consulting.  Has provided expert testimony support in depositions on economic damages and has calculated damages and provided litigation consulting on purchase price disputes, internal corporate investigations, and forensic accounting


Aviation . . .
Human factors Enginnering...

Aviation psychologist and highly experienced human factors specialist with considerable, wide-ranging knowledge of flight crew and human factors issues, with proven commercial, organizational and interpersonal skills developed in government, consultancy and regulatory organizations.