Explosion and Blast are a unique form of a catastrophic event. Most people think of explosions as a destructive event caused by bombs, a structure blowing up from accumulated natural gas, or a serious chemical plant explosion. However, most explosions are brought about for a purpose under planned and controlled conditions. Examples include quarry and coal mining, building demolition, excavation, explosive welding, and metal forming, to name a few. The events that catch our attention are accidental our unintended explosions and often require an answer to the question: what caused it?

Accidental explosions can occur as a result of:

  • Chemical and petrochemical plant operations
  • Manufacturing, storage, handling, and use of explosives
  • Boiler explosions
  • Fuel gas leaks in structures
  • Cleaning and modifications to tanks used in storage and transportation of volatile liquids
  • Areas involving high concentrations of dust
  • High-pressure vessel failures
  • Water and molten metal contact
  • Manufacture, storage, and transportation of high vapor pressure or cryogenic liquids

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