Fire/Explosion Services

Cause & Origin

RTI fire investigations are prompt, detailed and professional, covering a broad range of incidents

Electrical Fires

Electrical engineers with CFI and CFEI training along with fire investigators provide a robust team for fires related to an electrical issue.


Mobile Phones, Electrical Appliances, Space Heater, UAS Drones



Explosion and Blast are a unique form of a catastrophic event that requires specialized expertise.

Plant & Manufacturing Facility Fires

Tire Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical Plants, Petroleum facilities, Warehouses


Computer Fire Modeling

Visualizing the Data, Understanding what happened

Battery Fires

Mobile Phone, Laptops, Drones, Emergency Transmitters, entertainment devices, Improper packaging and handling 


Medical Device Fires

In-home Dialysis, Electric Adjustable Beds, Oxygen Concentrator, Electric Wheelchair.

Fire Protection

Local Building and Fire Safety Codes, Sprinkler systems, and sprinkler pumps, Fire Alarms, Firewalls, HVAC Dampers, Chemical Fire Suppression systems

Fire Evidence Collection & Storage

Documentation, Disassembly, Removal, Tag, Bag, Chain of Custody Mobile App, Transport, Ship, Climate/Non-climate Control Storage

Fire Scene Preservation

UAS Drones: Photography, Videography, Thermoimaging - 3D Laser Scanning - Photography, Videography 

Fire Evidence Joint Inspection

Inspect Fire evidence where all of the tools necessary are at your disposal.