Forensic Analysis

Forensic Analysis
is a Multi-Faceted Process
Modern Analysis Require
A Multidisciplinary Team
Teams Consisting of
& Geographic
Decades of Experience
Professional Experts from around the world to serve the diverse forensic investigation needs of our clients.

A number of dramatic changes were enacted during the first decade of this century resulting in the improved quality, uniformity, and efficiency of accident analysis procedures.  Additionally, many investigator qualification regulations have been reformed.  In particular:

Traditional practices of accident investigation and safety management systems in multimodal industries, such as aviation and marine, are now being integrated to create uniformity of reporting and eliminate less effective practices.

Demands for law reform and upgrades to high-risk industrial and transportation sectors have resulted in new codes that require more professional investigations to achieve a higher uniform standard of analysis and reporting.

New analytical technologies have enabled conclusions to be made to a higher degree of certainty than ever before. However, recent economic pressures have required investigations to achieve this level of quality while being more cost-effective.

In addition, terrorist activities have altered our personal sense of security and presented an entirely new class of causation to be considered by the forensic accident investigator, bringing risk assessment and accident analysis face-to-face with security issues. Safety and security management systems are now linked together with heightened risk awareness and more advanced technical demands.

RTI engineers and scientists have a thorough understanding of the relationship that their fields of expertise have to legal, insurance, and regulatory areas.  RTI conducts objective forensic investigations as an independent third party, providing support to attorneys and insurance professionals in matters including, but not limited to:

Legal Areas of Service

Recovery and Subrogation

Investigation Areas of Service

Blue Water Marine
Boiler and Machinery
Fire and Explosion
Health and Safety
Intellectual Property
Product Liability
Property and Casualty Liability
Personal Injury
Vehicle Liability
Worker’s Compensation
Wrongful Death

RTI is among the first to coin the professional practice term “forensic engineering” in 1975.  Current RTI management team members are dedicated to innovative leadership in meeting the challenges of change in the second decade of this century and beyond.