Laboratory Services

Metallurgy Laboratory

Materials science and engineering laboratory that studies the physical and chemical behavior of metallic elements to assist in the failure analysis process.

Mechanical / Drop Testing Laboratory

Just as the name implies, drop impact testing to evaluate the ability of an object, specimen or exemplar against collisions.

Microscopy Laboratory

Focuses on the structure and characteristics of the material to identify faults, failures and compound makeup of a specimen 

Machine and Fabrication Shop

Utilizing our Machine and Fabrication Shop, we are able to design and construct nonstandard test rigs and fabricate replicas of evidence and exemplars for destructive testing.

Battery Testing Laboratory

Testing Lithium batteries to understand the failure point, to understand the reason(s) why it failed requires state-of-the-art  instrumentation and the proper environment to make sure the tests are performed safely  


Laboratory Service Request

RTI's Laboratory technicians are standing by to assist your every need. RTI's Proactive and Reactive solutions are responsive, professional, objective and cost effective.