Micro Hardness Testing

Micro Hardness Testing
Knoop Indenter
Surface Correction for Flat, Cylindrical and Spherical samples
Series and One-Off Measurements possible

The Duramin microhardness testers from Struers allow you to perform Vickers and Knoop hardness tests reliably, reproducibly and accurately on metallic and non-metallic materials. The automated test sequence means that testing can be carried out efficiently, saving you valuable time. The tester has a range of nine loads, from 98.07 mN (10 g) to 19.61 N (2 kg), which can be selected by the unique patented load-interchange mechanism. Loading and unloading of the indenter with the chosen weight occurs automatically with the relevant information displayed on the tester’s LCD touchpad.

  • Excellent Reproducibility
  • Patented Automatic Load
  • Changing Mechanism
  • Automatic Lens Turret (Duramin-2)
  • Driven Operation, Values can be entered and displayed (in graphic or text mode) via the LCD Touch-Display
  • High Resolution Measurement Probe. Minimum Measurement unit 0.01 μm
  • High Precision Mechanical Stage with Micrometer Screw Arrangement for exact positioning in the X/Y Plane
  • Standard and Rapid Testing Modes
  • Series and One-Off Measurements possible
  • Conversion between Hardness Scales (HR, HB, MPa, etc.)
  • Surface Correction for Flat, Cylindrical and Spherical samples
  • Measurement Statistics (max and min values, mean, standard deviation and bar chart)
  • Computer Interface
  • Knoop Indenter