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Effective and efficient Safety Management is a genuinely viable strategy for organizations to not only preserve value within their businesses, but to also add value. In many industry sectors it is a mandatory requirement to design and implement a Safety Management System (SMS). However, it remains that the strongest reason for expending resources on a quality SMS is the benefit to the business itself.

Effective Safety Management promotes and delivers:

  •     Customer trust and enhanced reputation
  •     Employee goodwill and retention
  •     A safeguard of shareholder assets and values
  •     Improvements in cost control
  •     Better control of sub-contractors
  •     Improved relations with government agencies
  •     An enhanced ethical approach and organizational culture

However, it is equally the case that a poorly planned and implemented SMS will add cost, and potentially lull an organization into a false sense of security — only later to be devastated by an avoidable disaster and subsequent business crisis.

RTI maintains a team of highly-experienced and well-qualified safety management experts. These experts have collectively conducted doctoral research and they have been responsible for developing post-graduate-level safety management courses, organizing and implementing safety audit schemes, and running major safety departments.


RTI can help turn your SMS into a value-adding asset with:

  •     Gap Analysis
  •     Support with Safety Plans
  •     Safety Mentoring and Coaching
  •     Hazard and Risk Analysis
  •     Safety Investigation
  •     Safety Studies and Research
  •     Safety Management Capability Assessment
  •     Safety Cases
  •     Design and Support of Reporting Systems
  •     Cost-Benefit Analysis of Safety Plans and Recommendations
  •     Training Workshops


RTI is in a commanding position to produce and deliver effective Safety Management Services.  RTI's involvement brings decades worth of hands-on operational time, industry experience, and expertise to any project or case.