Scanning Electron Microscope

Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM)
Up to x400,000 Magnafication
Low vacuum capabilities
Identify the elemental composition of materials
2D measurement capability
Robinson BSE Detector
  • Provides magnified images of all manner of objects from 50x to 400,000x
  • Can identify the elemental composition of materials
  • Low vacuum capability facilitates analysis of nonconductive or partially conductive samples such as printed circuit boards
  • 2D measurement capability at all magnifications allows precision quality control analysis
  • Variable Pressure Specimen Chamber
  • Low Vacuum BSE Mode for Sample Charging Mitigation
  • Chamber Pressure to 4Torr in 25 Millitorr Steps
  • Hi Vacuum SE Mode for Standard High Resolution SEM Imaging
  • Electron Gun: LaB6 Ion Pumped - and Tungsten
  • Accelerating Voltage: 100volts to 30kV
  • High Vacuum Image Resolution: 4nm @ 30kV
  • Low Vacuum Image Resolution: 6nm @ 30kV
  • Magnification: x10 – x400,000 Secondary Electron Image
  • Probe Current: 1pA to 5nA Range
  • TURBO Pumped Specimen Chamber
  • Robinson BSE Detector
  • 3 Axis Motorized Stage
    • X/Y = 125mm
    • Z = 100mm
    • ROTATION = 360 Degrees Continuous
    • TILT = -5 to +90 Degrees
  • PC Controlled Stage Automation and SEM Control Backscatter Detector
  • Energy Dispersive Spectrometer with state of the art Silicon Drift Detector